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TV Reception Problems Solved

Australian TV Antennas has a philosophy of delivering only the highest quality. We guarantee the best reception of free to view channels in Melbourne. Read more.


New House TV Aerial Installations

Our TV antenna installations are only performed by highly trained TV and antenna technicians to ensure you get the best possible reception on free view channels in Melbourne. Read more.

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TV Wall Mounting Services

At Australian TV Antennas, we are qualified technicians.
Our TV mounting services come with zero wall damage and a clean finish. Read more.

What our customers are saying

What our customers saying?

Pakenhams No 1 TV Antenna Installers

If you are looking for a new digital TV or digital antenna, look no further. Australian TV Antennas is a professional digital TV and antennas installer in Melbourne. No need to do it yourself and risk doing a poor job or making a problem worse. Just give us a call and one of our highly qualified technicians will pay you a visit.

Some of digital TV and antenna specialties include:

  • Fixing the quality of your digital TV reception.
  • Fixing misaligned digital TV antennas.
  • Fixing poor picture quality.
  • Replacing outdated analog antennas with digital antennas.

Enjoy the best reception and picture quality of your favorite TV shows today. Give Australian TV Antennas a call today.

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Digital TV Aerials Installed

A quality digital TV antenna ensures you get the very best reception possible. If you are still using an analog aerial, you may be experiencing picture failure and unable to get all channels at times

All our digital TV antennas are specifically designed to receive digital TV signals in Melbourne.

We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff who ensure all installation components work as intended and that you receive a clear signal.

Before we install the digital TV antenna, we use a digital TV signal tester to ensure we test the location of the digital antenna on your roof for signal strength and quality on all Channels

Get in touch with Australian TV Antennas for the best digital TV antennas.

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