Digital TV Antenna Installation and Repairs

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TV Reception Problems Solved

Our company believes in giving our customers what they demand. When you contact one of our friendly staff for high-quality reception on all free view channels. Our professionals will first carry out a digital meter test to determine the best location for your antenna. After they find the best location we will then install your new digital antenna. Now, you can sit back and enjoy all the channels with a high-quality picture.

All our service and repairs are guaranteed by Australian TV antennas local aerial installers.


New House TV Aerial Installations

Lying on a couch and watching TV is all about relaxing. This relaxation can take an annoying turn when your quality time is ruined by poor TV reception. This is the sole reason to call Australian TV antennas so we can install a brand new digital antenna. Now, what do we do?

  • Check already mounted antennas: We check the existing aerial mount for suitability and positioning.
  • Use of a digital test meter: When it comes to the installation of a digital antenna, the most important tip is to find the best location. You can’t simply fix a digital antenna anywhere. With a digital test meter, we trace a location which ensures the best possible reception.
  • Melbourne digital TV frequencies: We provide digital antennas which can receive Melbourne digital TV frequencies.
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TV Wall Mounting Services

  • Our team only includes experienced and well-trained professionals. They will mount your TV without any damage and can hide ugly TV cables to provide a nice clean finish.
  • When mounting a TV to the wall it is important to use appropriate brackets and hardware. At Australian TV antennas, we only use heavy duty parts so you can rest assured your TV will be safe and secure for the life of the television.
  • Be it your office, bedroom, your child’s play area, a commercial site or your lounge and patio we can take care of TV wall mounting in any room you wish.

What our customers saying?

Whether it is the installation of a new digital TV or digital antenna, Australian TV Antennas is all set to give you a professional hand. You don’t need to try fixing it yourself because you might end up worsening the issue. It’s better to contact one of our qualified technicians so that they can handle it for you professionally.
Solving Your TV Reception Problems:

    • Having trouble with the quality of your digital TV reception?
    • Are you tired of compromising on the quality of the picture on your screen?
    • Is watching TV no more relaxing due to poor reception?

We’re here to put an end to all your worries. We’re experts in installing and repairing digital TV antennas and TV wall mounting. Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem and provide you with the best resolution so you can get back to enjoying your favorite TV shows.

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Digital TV Antenna Installation

If you are still using an analog antenna, you aren’t getting the best reception. Professional Digital TV antenna installation ensures you get all TV channels with high-quality reception.

Our digital TV antennas are specifically made to receive Melbourne digital TV frequencies.

As part of the process, we check all cables and splitters to ensure the TV aerial installation will deliver clear reception. We also check your existing aerial mount for strength and potential leaks.

Before any installation, we also check the signal with a digital test meter to ensure the best location for reception on the rooftop.

For all your digital TV installation requirements, contact Australian TV Antennas.

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